Is that a shark or a submarine? Diving machines could be coming to a Great Lake near you

Move over, jet skis – there’s a new watercraft terrorizing the lakes.

Look out! It's a freshwater shark! photo: Innespace

Seabreachers, sold by Innespace, are like one-person submarines that can dive about five feet, go 40 mph on the surface and up to 20 mph under the water. I’ve never seen one in action, but this video caught my attention.

Just imagine one of those popping up next to you on the lake.

Seabreachers  look like animals – sharks, killer whales and dolphins. Maybe they ought to make an Asian carp version to terrorize the Great Lakes.

If you’re not the type to enjoy a peaceful afternoon on a lake, you’ve always wanted to captain a submarine or you have a spare $60,000, the Seabreacher may be your next water toy.

But I think I’ll stick to kayaks.

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  • doug

    Yahooing around with it sounds like something that might be fun for the first five minutes (like a jetski), after which I would have exhausted all of the things it could do on the surface and would get bored.

    Cruising under the water at slow speeds might be a lot more rewarding.

    I wonder, though, what the results of hitting a rock might be. With a jetski you would be thrown clear, but is there a chance that you might have trouble getting out of this toy?