Q&A: Tea Party star heads to Wisconsin to fight for solar

Debbie Dooley is a right-wing grandmother, a founding member of the national Tea Party and a leader of the Atlanta Tea Party. She is also an outspoken proponent of distributed solar generation and other forms of renewable distributed energy.

Mr. Great Lakes: Saginaw Bay reefs, a wetland-surveying helicopter and the solar industry

Mr. Great Lakes (Jeff Kart) reports from Bay City, Michigan’s Delta College Q-90.1 FM. Love Feb 14 2014 – Mr Great Lakes (Jeff Kart) – Delta College Q-90.1 FM by jeffkart

This week, Kart discusses the restoration of two historic rock reefs in the Saginaw Bay, an expansion in the Midwest’s solar energy industry and a small helicopter to help survey wetlands. Text at Mr. Great Lakes

Clean energy would bring jobs, health and money, according to report

By Brian Bienkowski

Thousands of jobs, millions of dollars and a more stable climate are possible if Illinois aggressively pursues clean energy, according to a report released by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). The peer-reviewed report, dubbed “Bright Future for the Heartland,” predicts what would happen if Midwestern states reached two goals: produced 30 percent of its electricity supply from renewables by 2030; and reduced power consumption 2 percent every year starting in 2015. The goals came from policy recommendations that were given to Midwestern state governors in 2009 by an advisory board.(“Energy Roadmap”)

In 2007, Illinois mandated that 25 percent of the state’s power supply be renewable by 2025, and power consumption must drop 2 percent annually.  While a step in the right direction, the report claims the Prairie State stands to gain more by shooting for the Energy Roadmap targets. By 2030, Illinois would add 8,400 jobs, lower energy bills by $4.7 billion and see $4.5 billion in new capital investment with stricter clean energy policies, according to the report. The jobs would come from renewable energy manufacturing, installation, and maintenance – the kind of labor base abundant in Illinois.