The best-read Great Lakes Echo stories last year

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Research boat explores a sinkhole on the northern edge of Rockport’s Middle Island. Image: NOAA/David Ruck, Great Lakes Outreach Media

What do sharks, mysterious sinkholes, Indigenous foods, poaching and Milwaukee harbor have in common?

All were topics of the most-viewed stories on Great Lakes Echo last year.

And more than half – nine – of the most popular 16 stories dealt with wildlife

Some on the top-16 roster were newly reported in 2020, including ones about mysterious sinkholes under Lake Huron and recipes for Great Lakes Indigenous foods.

But other stories displayed a long lifespan of reader attention, including the most popular one – about bull sharks in the Great Lakes (not) published in 2015. The longest-lived – about regulating water levels on the Great Lakes – first appeared in 2009.

Here’s our popularity ranking:

  1. Great Whites in the Great Lakes? Bull shark! (2015) by Brooke Kansier
  2. Scientists to explore mysterious Lake Huron sinkholes (2020) by Carin Tunney
  3. New cookbook highlights food of Great Lakes Indigenous peoples (2020) by Carin Tunney
  4. Former hunting TV show host sentenced for violation of Lacey Act (2020) by Amelia Cole
  5. New maps for the Milwaukee Harbor shows what lies beneath the surface (2020) by Audrey Porter
  6. People can once again kill cormorants (2018) by Steven Maier
  7. The unspoken tradition: cliff jumping at Marquette’s Blackrocks (2013) by Becky McKendry
  8. White pelicans extend their Great Lakes range, study finds (2019) by Eric Freedman
  9. Alewives: The trouble they cause and the salmon that love them (2009) by Jeff Gillies
  10. Rooting out wild pig’s impact in Michigan (2020) by Kurt Williams
  11. Fixing the food web: Cisco reintroduction to the Great Lakes could have enormous ripple effect (2020) by Lucas Day
  12. Mowing milkweed means more monarchs (2019) by Kelsi Kroll
  13. Regulation of Great Lakes’ water levels possible, experts debate effects (2009) by Allison Bush
  14. Microplastics are filling the Great Lakes and birds’ bellies (2020) by Cassidy Hough
  15. Fish tale: Chances of Arctic grayling return to Michigan ‘Very good’ (2020) by Lucas Day
  16. COVID-19 pro tip: keep your glasses from fogging (2020) by Ben Goldman

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  1. Once Ice Boom Theory is seriously looked at, then it will become fashionable to talk about. Google Joe Barrett Ice Boom.

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