Where’s the Concern? Week 10

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Video by: Jenny Kalish

Music by: A Story Told

Each week, Great Lakes Echo features a photo story about a different Area of Concern designated by the U.S. or Canadian governments in the Great Lakes basin. Guess where the area is located, based on the description of the site.

This week’s expert is Mark Mattson, president and waterkeeper with the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper.

Summary of the area:

  • The harbour is surrounded by toxic dump sites.
  • There are a number of underground rivers that discharge pollutants into the inner harbour, including the Don River, one of the most polluted rivers in Canada.
  • The city is built on a combined sewer system, causing serious contamination from combined sewer overflows (CSOs).
  • There is no fishing or swimming allowed in the inner harbour.


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Last week’s answer: Milwaukee Estuary, Wis.

Photo credits: Flickr: Jordanh79, Dan Cronin^, Poppymaher, Canadian Pacific, AgentOrangeOnRoute66, Visionandlight, Bobolink, Tycho_tmal, Redroom Studios, Sailorbear, PrairyErthling, Wayan Vota, Dunescape, Scazon, Delivering Healthy Water, Ukrfilolog, Jon.Muldoon.

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