Where’s the Concern? Week Nine

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Video by: Jenny Kalish, Silu Guo and Saodat Taylor

Music by: A Story Told

Each week, Great Lakes Echo features a photo story about a different Area of Concern designated by the U.S. or Canadian governments in the Great Lakes basin. Guess where the area is located, based on the description of the site.

This week’s expert is Megan O’Shea, the Area of Concern coordinator for this site.

Summary of the area:

  • Listed as an Area of Concern in 1987 because of poor water quality, lack of natural habitat, and contamination in the sediments from polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heavy metals.
  • There are fish advisories in place for this area.
  • This area encompasses several watersheds in Wisconsin that flow into Lake Michigan.
  • Dredging is restricted in this area due to the fragility of the fish and wildlife habitat.


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Last week’s answer: Bay of Quinte, Ontario.

Photo credits: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Flickr: Carex_grayii, Retinal Fetish, Compujeramy, Pixn8tr, Grshutters, Davereid2, Tracktwentynine, Snick_doodle, Oskey391, Brokenthoughts, Pyro43, Simon, inc., Photopimp, Catgunner, Tobydread, Mistert2, Acastro08.

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