Compost dog poop with a D.I.Y. “dog waste digester”

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It may be a dirty job, but cleaning up pet waste is important.

Some dog owners assume that because waste is natural, it can be left anywhere to decompose without risking health, said “dog waste digester” demonstrator Cathy Dueck. But dog waste carries more bacteria than human waste, posing a greater risk to human and environmental health, according to RAIN, a Green Communities Canada program that aims to end non-point source pollution.

Cathy Dueck and the dog waste digester. Photo: Video screenshot.

But dog owners, have no fear! This video from a Canadian environmental group illustrates how to take care of pet waste in a creative way.

The group, Peterborough Green-Up, offers instructions for creating a dog waste digester. By composting dog waste, pet owners can avoid the health risks that come along with poorly managed dog waste. Viewers can learn how to create their own dog waste digesters from Dueck, the Green-Up’s manager of Ecology, Park and Landscape Programs, while hearing the many important reasons to dispose of pet waste properly.

For more information about the dog waste digester, go to the Peterborough Green-Up website.

One thought on “Compost dog poop with a D.I.Y. “dog waste digester”

  1. Great public service video! Be sure to use “compostable” ASTM-D6400 pick-up bags when using this system. Many bags are described as “biodegradable” that are really mostly plastic film. They would now work and the system would simply fill up with poop that does not degrade.

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