How to be a responsible watchdog

What do you do when an employee comes forward, exposing their company for wrongdoing? 

Environmental journalists discussed how to handle that situation at a recent Society of Environmental Journalist Conference in Philadelphia.

Reporting the environmental impact of war

Fields pockmarked by bombs, forests torn up by trenches and littered with landmines, cities around the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine flooded and then left with a water shortage as the reservoir dries up. 

These scenes in Ukraine and Gaza are a few examples of how war leaves long lasting damage to the environment.

Environmental journalism danger commentary

Reporting on environmental problems and controversies remains a perilous endeavor, as demonstrated by a series of incidents around the globe.

Journalists are physically assaulted, jailed, interrogated by police, kidnapped, fired, sued for libel, harassed and even murdered for seeking to expose environmental crimes

Commentary: Fireflies for the win

Sitting outside as the campfire crackles on a breezy summer night in the backyard while the sun finally starts to set. Seeing fireflies start to take their place among the trees.

Commentary: New insights about an old fish

As a long-time angler and ichthyology student, I thought I knew a lot about the bowfin. But recent developments have shown that much of what I knew about this fish was wrong.

Commentary: Walking through change

Going back home is so much more than reuniting with my family – it’s  reuniting with the environment I grew up in.