Seventh day of invasive species Christmas: Seven carp and counting


Echo once again is running the Wisconsin Sea Grant version of the popular 12 days of Christmas carol. Produced by outreach specialist Tim Campbell in 2011, it brings 12 days of holiday invasive species cheer.

Things may have changed since then so feel free to update the song in the comments.

Today: Seven carp and counting

Seven carp and counting

Bighead carp. Image: M. Spencer Green/AP

There are seven species of non-native carp in the United States. There are the four collectively known as Asian carp (black, grass, silver, and bighead), the common carp, the crucian carp, and last but not least, the Prussian carp (a wild version of the goldfish).

While the current focus is on the silver and bighead carp, all of these carp cause problems one way or another.

Hopefully we won’t actually be counting any other carp species soon.


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