Great Lakes in Jeopardy: Fish die-offs in Lake Ontario

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This is the last question in our Great Lakes trivia feature. Check back for the final answer to this question – along with a special link. Thanks for playing!

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The answer to the previous question: Sea lamprey, which plague Lake Ontario, are killed by poisoning juveniles in streams where they breed.

One thought on “Great Lakes in Jeopardy: Fish die-offs in Lake Ontario

  1. Wrong on all counts. They were starved to death. In 1964 the N.Y.P.A. used the ice boom to stop the ice flow for the first time in 12,000 years. They never considered what the ice flow did. I’ll tell you. It carried millions of tons of nutrients from the fertile waters of Lake Erie into the deep,sterile and cold waters of Ontario. This was the all important spring time influx of food that Ontario so very much relied upon. When it stopped, the individual species within the food web shrank in proportion to there food source. An instant famine swept through the Lake and caused a collapse unimaginable yet very predictable if the “scientists” that N.Y.P.A. had hired, (to do the EIS)actuslly did real research and not a bunch of fluff and filler. So Google Joe Barrett/Ice Boom and see if it all makes sense now. THX Becky, Shoot me an email. JBB

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