Great Lakes Echo is now on TikTok

Great Lakes Echo reporters are utilizing TikTok as a new platform for storytelling. Our first video discusses the impacts of climate change on wine grape production in Michigan.

Cedarville: The little town that upholds Michigan’s marine industry

At the northwest corner of Lake Huron, in Michigan’s eastern Upper Peninsula, is an 80 square-mile town of 240 people, one phone booth – and one boat building school. That school is growing explosively, bringing the entire community along with it. Experts estimate that a planned expansion of the Great Lakes Boat Building School could bring an additional $2.5 million to residents of Cedarville.

Golf management jobs on upswing

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there wasn’t much for many people to do other than sit at home. But as restrictions slowly lifted toward the end of spring 2020, many people turned, or returned, to a popular sport – golf – to fill their time. Since then, its popularity has increased. 

Detroit pollination center to increase community garden yields

Bees in the D’s new pollination center is expected to increase the fruits and vegetables produced in Detroit community gardens. The pollination center, breaking ground in April, will be home to roughly 100,000 honeybees in multiple hives.

Backyard clean-up brings big bucks

In some states, the Department of Natural Resources offers an annual seed collection program. Anyone with a dry container can collect pine cones and seeds from trees and redeem them at listed nurseries for cash. The program is available in Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Requirements for collection vary by state and species, but all seeds must be collected from trees of natural origin, not planted.