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Beach safety app adds new hazard warning feature

The app gives beach specific forecasts and hazard warnings like this. Photo: Great Lakes Commission.

There is yet another reason to stay glued to our phones. The myBeachCast smartphone app, released in 2011 by the Great Lakes Commission, has just added a new feature – beach hazard warnings from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The free app is available for download here. Although drownings appear to be on track to fall from a record high in 2012, the overall trend from the past several years have seen consistent increase, according to the Great Lakes Surf Commission. The hazard warnings on the app informs users when and where there is a potential for dangerous rip currents. Continue Reading →

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State agency sets goal of all Great Lakes beaches open for swimming in 2014

Michigan officials blames high levels of E. coli and other types of suspected contamination for most beach closings.Photo: Mattosaurus. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s mission to guarantee clean and safe recreational water resources includes an assessment plan to make the public aware of problems.
DEQ said it has five related goals: 1) enhance recreational waters, 2) ensure edible fish, 3) protect and restore aquatic ecosystems, 4) ensure safe drinking water and 5) protect public safety. Continue Reading →

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