Remembering the UP’s break-away movement

The time was the 1970s, when many Yoopers believed that the push to strengthen national and state environmental laws posed an economic threat to the U.P., especially its mining, lumbering and agricultural industries. 

Proposal could place more requirements on hunting, fishing guides

Commercial hunting and fishing guides would need state licenses under a proposal pending in a Michigan House committee. Supporters say that would provide additional safety for hunters and anglers if guides must carry liability insurance and know CPR and first aid.

Insect indecision: Which should be Michigan’s state bug?

By Indri Maulidar
Capital News Service

What’s orange, flies to Mexico every year and was recently proposed as a Michigan icon? It’s the monarch butterfly. Four Michigan senators recently introduced a bill to make the monarch butterfly Michigan’s state insect. The idea, pushed by a group of schoolchildren from West Bloomfield School District, has some support. But others think that there are many other more suitable insects.