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Opportunity at the trash dumps

(MI) Detroit Free Press – The stunning 16% drop in trash going into Michigan landfills for the year ending last Sept. 30 is as good a barometer as any of how poorly the state fared during that time. Michigan trash alone dropped 13%; waste from outside the state, including Canadian trash, failed to materialize by an even wider margin. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Michigan landfill fees lowest in Great Lakes; state lawmakers propose hike to boost recycling

By Hyonhee Shin
Nov. 7, 2009

LANSING – Some Michigan lawmakers are seeking an increase in solid waste disposal fees to help reduce landfills and incineration. The current fee is 21 cents per ton. Most other Great Lakes states charge more – 50 cents in Indiana, $2.22 in Illinois, $4.75 in Ohio, $7.25 in Pennsylvania and $13 in Wisconsin, the highest in the nation. (more…) Continue Reading →

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