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Landscope: Backpacks trace birds to Bahamas

Researchers counted 1,826 male Kirtland’s warblers in 2009. Photo: Howcheng. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

Endangered Kirtland’s warblers spend the summer nesting only in certain areas of Michigan, Wisconsin and Ontario.

They winter in the Bahamas. Researchers are using tiny light sensors to track how the birds travel between those areas.

Advances in technology help researchers track the birds to get a better understanding of their migration route to the Bahamas. Continue Reading →

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Anishinabek say project could restore fish, knowledge, weather cycle

Jason Lorenz and sturgeon. Image: Talli Nauman

Its size and age make the endangered lake sturgeon a fascinating species for most people. But for many Native Americans, the fish is also sacred. And it’s survival of greed, oil spills and habitat destruction signals that the sturgeon remains vigilant in protecting the environment. Continue Reading →

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Volunteers needed to monitor endangered piping plovers

Volunteers are needed to monitor the critically endangered piping plover, pictured above. Photo: Alice Van Zoeren

If you enjoy birdwatching, you may be able to use your hobby to help protect an endangered Great Lakes shorebird. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is relying on volunteers to monitor the critically endangered piping plover during its nesting season this summer, from May 1st to July 15th. Patrols have already been established in Michigan national forest and state parks, including Sleeping Bear Dunes lakeshore. Most remaining breeding pairs nest in Michigan – with the intensive patrol programs, the number of Great Lakes nesting plovers rose from 17 pairs in 1986 to 59 pairs in 2005, according to the National Park Service. But numbers have dropped in recent years: 25 pairs in 2009, 23 pairs in 2010 and 18 pairs in 2011. Continue Reading →

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