Virtual classes especially hard for 22,500 students with autism

The switch to virtual classes, meetings and social activities during the COVID-19 pandemic is difficult for any student, but imagine not understanding the reason for making the change. That’s what students with autism cope with every day.

Experts treat insomnia, anxiety caused by COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected many people’s sleep, whether they’ve had the virus or not. Sleep neurologists call it “COVID-somnia,” a phenomenon where people have trouble sleeping because of the virus. And its effects can last even after the pandemic ends.

Outdoor exercise in the time of COVID-19

From local restrictions on gathering sizes to gym closures, staying fit during the COVID-19 pandemic might seem a near-impossible task. Despite that, many communities in Michigan and elsewhere in the Great Lakes region have adapted existing physical fitness programs and implemented new ones.

Michigan farmers markets adjust to the pandemic

Most of the state’s 240 farmers markets survived during the pandemic that upended the way fresh produce, baked goods and other items are sold at the popular venues.

Pandemic drives Michigan economy

Welcome to the COVID economy: Lumber prices and tent sales soared. Great Lakes shipping took a dive. Home sales were up. And energy sales shifted from manufacturing plants to home offices.