City bees pollinate urban education

They’re showing up on city rooftops, university dormitories and the grounds of middle schools, a trend that not only teaches people about bees, it could help the troubled pollinators.

Researchers tackle bee decline

MSU entomologist Rufus Isaacs talks about declining bee populations, and that Michigan bees that pollinate the state’s blueberry, cherry and apple crops.

News dance: Bees do it. How about journalists?


It’s a complex world. How best to explain it? That’s the challenge facing journalists – particularly those who cover the environment. Technology increases our communication tools. But can we also use less techy techniques?

Beekeepers buzz about embattled bees

Colony collapse disorder is a scientific mystery in which bees suddenly disappear from their hives.

Large research projects are underway to determine the causes.

Scientists are looking at food sources, nutrition, diseases, viruses and parasites.