Measure seeks to prevent potato diseases

It may become mandatory for most potato seed growers to use only certified seed to prevent the spread of diseases that can threaten a valuable part of Michigan’s agricultural economy, under a bill awaiting the governor’s signature.

Farmers eye tariff as potential trouble

Many farmers are worried about possible retaliatory trade tariffs for agricultural products that Michigan exports to China and elsewhere. We talk to soybean, milk and agri-business groups about the potential impacts.

After GMO resistance, gene-editing technology is the next new thing

The director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development bemoans a lack of science in public decision making, including what she calls unwarranted opposition to genetically modified foods, a consumer push for cage-free eggs and skepticism about new ag technologies.

Wineries rise in Michigan but more grapes needed

Michigan’s wine industry continues to grow with number of approved wineries rising from 55 to 138 in the past 10 years, including new ones in Charlevoix, Onsted, Hastings, Baroda and Metro Detroit. An inadequate supply of Michigan-grown grapes, rather than possible oversaturation of the market, might be the major concern for the industry.