This is part of a series of stories of how drones examine or are proposed to examine the environment of the Great Lakes region.

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State, university officials and entrepreneurs waiting for drone industry take-off

Knowing the remaining battery life on a drone is key, especially when operating over water. (Photo: Hovershots APV)

The status of using what are also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAVs -commercially is in a holding pattern after a federal judge ruled last month that the Federal Aviation Administration had no authority to issue a $10,000 fine against a Virginia drone pilot.

That set off celebrations in the drone community that were short-lived. Continue Reading →

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Upending the basin: drone count

This story is part of Great Lakes Echo's 'Skywatch' series (UAV Photo: APV Hovershots)

You’ve heard of the annual Audubon bird count. Now you can take part in a drone count. Not the bees – the unmanned aircraft. Here at Great Lakes Echo we’ve been running a series of stories about the use and potential of unmanned aerial vehicles. If nothing else, we’ve discovered that no one seems to have a clue of how many of these things are out there. Continue Reading →

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