Author plunges into Au Sable fly fishing and murder

The latest book in the Burr Lafayette Mystery series, “The Gray Drake” follows the protagonist as he delves deep into the world of fly fishing on Michigan’s Au Sable River. 

More litter means fewer tourists

The more litter on the beach, the fewer days visitors spend at it, according to a recent study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

What do small Minnesota lakes sound like?

Researchers used underwater microphones to collect sounds from 15 Minnesota lakes to understand their baseline sound levels and determine the consequences of noise.

Great Lakes colleges are green with sustainability

Great Lakes colleges fared well on recent separate lists from the Sierra Club magazine and the Princeton Review that ranked the top green colleges of the United States and Canada.

Harmful algae could kill invasive mussels

A new idea to manage the spread of non-native mussels: kill them with another Great Lakes headache, the algae that sometimes blooms too much and threatens water quality.