The future of sustainable aviation could be electric

An aerospace engineering team at the University of Michigan is researching hybrid-electric aircraft to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. The U-M aviation program will follow a design similar to the way hybrid-electric cars use batteries.

Ontario groups fight to reduce food waste

The average London, Ontario, household wastes 2.81 kg (6 pounds) of food each week, and approximately half the food waste is avoidable. Local communities and nonprofits are looking for solutions to the problem. 

Study finds lake cleanups help house values recover

A $34.9 million cleanup of heavily contaminated Muskegon Lake and White Lake in West Michigan is estimated to have recovered $16.4 million in lost housing value for nearby homeowners.

Regional aquaculture collaborative receives federal support

An aquaculture group recently received $425,000 in federal support to strengthen the aquaculture community in the Great Lakes region. The goal for the grant is to build up the local economy of aquaculture producers.

November: What’s For Thanksgiving Dinner?

We all have different Thanksgiving favorites. Some people really look forward to that big turkey, some crave sweet potatoes, and I have to admit that I head straight for the pies. But today, I want to talk about that old Thanksgiving favorite – wet, rotting leaves.