Short drive to the wilderness

Located only two hours from the northern part of Metro Detroit and an even a shorter drive from Flint and Saginaw, the Huron County Nature Center is a 280-acre oasis of woods and wetlands in an area of the state known mostly for sugar beets, navy beans and the sandy beaches of Saginaw Bay.

Mighty mites might manage mosquitoes

By Weiting Du

Summer is here and so are the annoying mosquitoes. But so, too, are creatures that limit their number. Water mites are close relatives to spiders and live in freshwater. Some of them can parasitize or prey on mosquitoes, according to a recent review study published in the Diversity journal. Understanding these water mites could be important for developing new ways to control them, the study said.

Mobsters in the vacationlands

From crime boss and occasional visitor “Scarface” Al Capone to the Upper Peninsula’s own Public Enemy #1, John “Red” Hamilton, Up North has historic ties to organized crime and the baddies who used the area as a playground.