Trees for more than climbing, Arbor Day Foundation says

Stormwater clogs wastewater treatment systems, causing overflows that contaminate beaches and drinking water. It also washes roads, parking lots, and other surfaces of oils, sediment, chemicals and debris that end up in rivers, oceans, lakes and wetlands. Trees can help. A search with the Arbor Day Foundation’s National Tree Benefit Calculator shows how. Type in your zip code and get a list of tree species native to it.

Re-engineering history

Along the Detroit River, industry’s backdoor was transformed with concrete and steel into 31 miles of hard engineering. A new approach, soft engineering, is turning these sites from gray to green with native plants, habitat creation and landscaping. March 15, 2011

Softening the way we think about shorelines

The Detroit River’s hard edge isn’t so great for river species looking for a place to live, the costs to repair its crumbling or cracking rim and for the eyes of Detroiters. Rising in its place is the concept of soft shoreline engineering. March 24, 2011

Industries that created hard shorelines are now softening them

Detroit Edison Energy Co.’s River Rouge Power Plant site is a recent example of industrial organizations re-engineering the Detroit River shoreline.