Climate change calls on us to learn to live with fire

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Illustration by Spencer High

By Marie Orttenburger

Across the country, Americans are reckoning with our relationship to fire. After over a century of focusing entirely on fire suppression, we are challenged to rethink that approach.

Climate change makes wildfire seasons longer and more intense in most places in the U.S. In Michigan, the forecast isn’t as clear.

But even in an uncertain future, fire has a role to play. The third and final installment of this week’s series explores that role. Read it here.

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One thought on “Climate change calls on us to learn to live with fire

  1. Not just Fire. The people on Lake Erie will have to learn to live with a green, slimy swamp. Thst is because as the planet warms, the Lake will freeze less often. If not for the stallining of the natural conveyor because of the ice boom, the lake would be able to still cleans itself with fewer ice flows. But, with no movement, warmer temps and a Greedy New York power Authority, the lake is doomed. Google Joe Barrett Ice Boom for the truth.

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