Podcast: Wasps vs Emerald Ash Borer Beetles


By Jonathan Yales

Great Lakes Echo and the Northern Research Station of the USDA Forest Service are collaborating to share the first season of their podcast, Forestcast.

With global trade and travel, organisms are moved around easily, causing abrupt biological invasions. What’s our best hope to combat these rapidly spreading pests?

Sometimes, it’s to do the exact same thing, to start moving around organisms — on purpose — to attack unwanted pests.

This is called ‘biological control.’ It is one of the most cost-efficient and environmentally acceptable long-term approaches for managing invasive species. And, it’s been a crucial component to managing the damage caused by what may prove to be the most destructive forest insect in U.S. history — the emerald ash borer.

Listen to, Episode 2: Wasps vs Emerald Ash Borer Beetles, below:

The full six-episode season of Forestcast is published now. Listen and subscribe below.

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Jonathan Yales works with the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station via a research joint venture agreement with Michigan State University’s Department of Entomology.

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