Pandemic teaches appreciation

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Deb Foggio


Editor’s note: This story is part of  Coping with COVID-19, a series of brief looks at people in a pandemic.

By Nyjah Bunn

Deb Foggio is not the typical frontline worker. However, she describes herself as an essential one.

“Life starts with spirit first, and an understanding of the creative place first,” said Foggio, a 64-year-old Farmington lifepath consultant. “Anybody who lives from that perspective of helping people see the power within them is essential.”

During the pandemic, she is continues her work as an “intuitive life adviser,” she said. “The opportunity of the pandemic is unique to all of us. There is the opportunity that’s for the greater good, for the sense of community.”

She doesn’t believe in burdens.

“I have a greater appreciation for the creative process that is helping us to become reflections of the source,” Foggio said.

The source is a higher power, God or a presence. Foggio recommends that everyone take a deep breath, meditate and understand their opportunity.

The pandemic helps her appreciate things more and helps people gain that same understanding, she said.

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