Lake Erie paddleboarders leave as scheduled

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Jeff Guy, Joe Lorenz and Kwin Morris of Stand Up for Great Lakes celebrate at Whitefish Point, Michigan, after crossing Lake Superior on stand-up paddleboards. Image: Scott Lorenz, Westwind Communications.

By Andrew Blok

Three paddleboarders set out this morning as scheduled on an 80-mile trip across Lake Erie to raise money for Great Lakes research.

The paddleboarders, who make up the nonprofit organization Stand Up for Great Lakes, are crossing Lake Erie to raise awareness of Great Lakes issues and donations for the Cooperative Institute of Great Lakes Research at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The money will support students.

The trip across Erie, which will likely take more than 24 hours, is the fourth such trip the group has attempted. They have previously crossed Lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior in support of other Great Lakes causes and plan to cross all five.

Read more about the trip from Great Lakes Echo here.  Follow their progress via updates on the Stand Up for Great Lakes Facebook page, social media for the 9&10 News and on the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research’s Twitter feed.

Learn more about the group and donate to their cause here.

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