Size matters, but what’s the appropriate measure?

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Image: Michigan Department of Transportation.

By David Poulson

How mighty is Michigan’s Mackinac Bridge?

This list of the longest suspension bridges in the U.S. ranks the Mighty Mac third behind the Verrazano-Narrows and Golden Gate bridges.

That’s based on the length of the bridges’ central spans. Verrazano-Narrows clocks in at 4,260 feet. The Golden Gate is 4,200 feet and the Mackinac’s central span is 3,799 feet.

But who decided the central spans should determine this contest? Take a look at the total length of the bridges.

Verrazano-Narrows clocks in at 13,700 feet. The Golden Gate is 8,981.

And the Mackinac?

Try an astounding 26,372 feet.

Which is the most appropriate measure? We’ll leave that to barroom bets and arguments.

And we’ll note that by any measure, the Mackinac is awfully mighty.

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