Michigan’s recycling rate is lousy – and people know it

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Most potential Michigan voters are well aware of the state’s less than stellar recycling rate, according to a poll released today by Lansing-based Public Sector Consultants.

The national average for recycling is about 35 percent, the public policy research firm reports. Michigan’s rate is about 15 percent.

Of those Michigan residents surveyed, 53 percent accurately said that the state’s recycling rate is below the national average. Differences among party lines:

  • Among Republicans, 46 percent said they thought Michigan recycled above the national average, the company reported.
  • Among Democrats, 21 percent believed Michigan’s recycling rate is above the national average.

The statewide poll of 600 likely voters was conducted with Denno Research between July 9 and July 11, 2014. It has an overall margin for error of +/-4 percent.

Image: Michigan Recycling Coalition

Image: Michigan Recycling Coalition


Recently state recycling advocates  launched a campaign to increase recycling awareness and practices.

One thought on “Michigan’s recycling rate is lousy – and people know it

  1. Shows how it goes when the government gets involved. Many years ago Michigan proudly jumped to the enviro forefront requiring a deposit on aluminum cans and bottles. Other states as well. In other words the government mandated recycling and taxed those who didn’t, a nickle at a time. So millions were spent by every store who sold beverages to have a sorting room and staffing. Michiganders think they are doing their part each time they return a used six-pack. But that’s all they do. Most of the states with government mandated recycling are below the average, The places with voluntary recycling are above the curve.

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