Great Lakes Month in Review: Fracking, ballast and petcoke

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Near the close of each month Current State checks in with Great Lakes Echo Commentator and journalist Gary Wilson for updates on environmental stories from around the basin.

This Great Lakes Month in Review,  focuses on fracking, ballast water and petcoke. In July, Michigan residents watched as petcoke piled up along the Detroit River. Gary Wilson explains that  now residents in Chicago are scrutinizing rising piles of the waste product.


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Great Lakes Month in Review: fracking, ballast water and petcoke by Great Lakes Echo

3 thoughts on “Great Lakes Month in Review: Fracking, ballast and petcoke

  1. It appears that with the Coast Guard going to grant extensions of up to 5 years for ships not able to install ballast water technology meeting Coast Guard approval for use in US waters and with alternative IMO ballast water equipment use not being mandatory, it is only be a fancy way of doing nothing to allow ships to keep on polluting for another 5 years, This should not be surprising as they seem to have not approved any ballast water systems yet or are even close. Oddly the Coast Guard suggest ships to check with th EPA on their requirements, which is a branch of government that is also influenced by the policy of the commander and chief , President Obama.

  2. Subject: Stop The Petcoke Contamination in Chicago


    Think it doesn’t affect you? Take another drink of water. Prolonged exposure creates asthmatic symptoms. It was kicked out of Detroit, and its not allowed to be stored in this manner in Indiana. Why are we subject to this poison?

    That’s why I created a petition to Koch Industries, The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, Governor Pat Quinn, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama, which says:

    “Sign on to petition Mayor Rahm Emanuel to protect Lake Michigan and surrounding community from the pollution of exposed piles of petcoke. Koch is bad for your health.”

    Will you sign this petition? Click here:


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