Thursday: Great Lakes Week 2013

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Detroit Public TV will live broadcast the Great Lakes Week summit in Milwaukee, Wisc., September 9-12, 2013.

During Great Lakes Week there will be a series of conferences to discuss Great Lakes issues, hosted by the International Joint Commission, the EPA, the U.S. Areas of Concern Program, the Great Lakes Commission, The Healing Our Waters Great Lakes Coalition (representing 120 organizations) and Environment Canada, as well as the Council of Great Lakes Industries, the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Cities Initiative and the newly organized Council of the Great Lakes Region.

Issues discussed include how to spend federal money for the lakes, invasive species, climate change, algae blooms and which cities should be allowed to tap into Great Lakes water.

Tune in on Echo Monday – Thursday for new broadcasts.

Great Lakes Week  Schedule:

Monday, September 9:  1:00pm-5:00pmCT/2:00pm-6:00pmET

Tuesday, September 10:  10:00am-4:00pmCT/ 11:00am-5:00pm ET

Wednesday September 11:  11:00am:-5:00pmCT/12:00pm-6:00pmET

Thursday, September 12:  9:00am-12:00pmCT/ 10:00am-1:00pmET



2 thoughts on “Thursday: Great Lakes Week 2013

  1. The live screening of the Great Lakes Conference is great! I wanted to attend the conference, but couldn’t because of other commitments.

    Could you possibly allow interested citizens to subscribe to the conference via webinar and pay some money to view the conference videos on their home computers when they have time?

    This would help spread education about the Great Lakes.

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