Scientists across Michigan oppose legislation to limit biodiversity

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Scientists across Michigan oppose legislation to limit biodiversity by Great Lakes Echo

This past spring the Michigan Senate passed Bill 78, which prohibits state agencies from setting aside land to maintain biodiversity.  The bill has drawn strong criticism from various environmental groups. Dr. Brad Cardinale, a professor at the University Of Michigan School of Natural Resources, along with 133 other scientists from around the state, wrote a letter to Governor Snyder requesting he veto the legislation.

5 thoughts on “Scientists across Michigan oppose legislation to limit biodiversity

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  2. The lack of common sense of SB 78 backers is so obvious that I really don’t need to point it out here, but I will anyway, for those who might have been sleeping over the past few years. The other nonsense that they have supported is also legendary.

  3. I cannot believe that Michigan congressmen actually want to limit biodiversity. They are signing THEIR OWN death warrant and that of their progeny. Idiots, is the kindest word I can use to describe them.

  4. Tea Party Senator Geoff Hansen and Senator Tom Casperson are the enemies of the state hunters and fishers with their SB 78, but West Michigan charter boat captains still support Senator Hansen because he is so corrupt and goes fishing with them.

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