PSA: Leave your pets at home

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Throughout the summer Great Lakes Echo will feature an occasional series of public service announcements produced by Michigan’s Ottawa County Health Department  to promote clean beaches.

This one  encourages beachgoers to leave their pets at home.

“As far as pets go, it is the problem of owner’s not picking up after their pets,” said Kristina Wieghmink, communications specialist for the health department. “It’s the excrement washed into the water that causes a potential health risk.”

Echo recently reported that abandoned pet waste can lead to human health hazards.

Approximately 40 percent of dog owners do not pick up their pets’ waste at all, according to a survey from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Follow this link to other clean beach notices.

The campaign is funded through grants from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

2 thoughts on “PSA: Leave your pets at home

  1. Even if 100% “picked up” after their dogs, common courtesy requires that some public beaches be kept dog-free. Dogs should also be excluded from beaches with nesting birds, particularly Piping Plovers. Besides, I’ve never seen an owner scoop up dog pee…

  2. Why punish the majority? 60% of dog owner pick up after their dogs. The 40% could be educated or ticketed. I love walking my dog on the beaches in Muskegon, Mi. The City of Muskegon has a wonderful dog beach that runs from Kruse Park to Pere Marquette Park. I would venture to say that 99% of the people pick up their dog waste on our beach. Bags are provided for picking up after dogs and containers are available for depositing the waste. There will always be irresponsible people it is just plain stupid to punish people who do the right thing. Volunteers work to help keep the beach healthy. They politely remind dog owners to pick up, they supply waste bags and/or they will bend over and pick up the problem themselves. Dog owners, check out Muskegon Beaches and spend your money in our town.

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