Little things, big problems: Invasives impacting culture

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Last year, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative began producing a series of educational videos about invasive species in the Great Lakes for the National Park Service. New videos are being uploaded this spring, and you can watch the entire “Little Things, Big Problems” series here on Echo.

This video discusses how invasive species not only threaten the native plants and animals of the Great Lakes, and threaten the lifestyle of Native Americans living on Lake Superior.


One thought on “Little things, big problems: Invasives impacting culture

  1. For what it’s worth my Indian friends I grew up with. They don’t want to commercial fish or use spears, they want to take thier grandkids down to the pier and catch Perch like we used to. If Asian Carp get a foothold in Lake Michigan, it will be a big problem for everyone, Indians and White Boys!

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