International Joint Commission issues Great Lakes report card


Current State logoInternational Joint Commission issues Great Lakes report card by Great Lakes Echo

Over the past 25 years, environmental protection measures have greatly improved the health of the Great Lakes.  However, the region’s waterways are facing new issues.  According to the International Joint Commission’s latest progress report, warmer temperatures are having a dramatic effect on the ecological health of the Great Lakes.

Lana Pollack chairs the commission’s U.S. delegation.  She discusses the past, present and future of cleaning up the Great Lakes.

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  1. OH Lana, when were you going to call me? How can you not respond to the single biggest threat to the Lower Great Lakes? Inhibited Ice Flow because of the N.Y.P.A. ice boom is killing Lake Erie and starving Lake Ontario. Please do something, you are the boss. Do what’s right. Call some hearings, look at the evidence, take some action. Don’t be bullied by the old boy network. Let’s see what you’ve got. Thx JBB of

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