Where’s the Concern? Week One

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Video by: Jenny Kalish

Music by: A Story Told

Each week, Great Lakes Echo features a photo story about a different Area of Concern designated by the U.S. or Canadian governments in the Great Lakes basin. Guess where the area is located, based on the description of the site.

This week’s expert is Stephanie Swart, Area of Concern coordinator for this site.

Summary of the area:

  • The lake was impounded as part of a mining operation in the area.
  • Some say the lake is in the shape of a deer hoof or an alligator head.
  • Was listed as an Area of Concern in 1987 because of severe fish consumption advisories from mercury pollution.
  • Fantastic fish population.

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Photo credits: Environmental Protection Agency; Flickr: Janet.Powell, CDE Global, MichiganNut, M.Hallowell, PchGorman; Wikipedia Commons; Maine.gov; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service;  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife; Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

3 thoughts on “Where’s the Concern? Week One

  1. May I go next please? So the entire Lower Great Lakes including the Niagara River are in this horrible state of disruption caused by the Ice boom. By stopping the annual and quite normal ice flow, which dates back thousands of years, the New York Power Authority has set in motion a chain of events that are all bad. I talk about them on my humble web site http://www.bantheboom.com and I am sure there are more, but I just am tackling the big 4 (which are easily proven). Anyhow due to the low intellect and interest of typical Western New Yorkers not much action has happened. I need some help please. I propose we get some discussion going on “Ice Boom Theory” There are a lot of stakeholders involved whether they know it or not. Great series, well done Thanks, Joe Barrett

  2. Thanks for doing this. Please be sure you let the locals know well ahead of time the schedule you have for highlighting our AOCs so that we can help spread the word!
    Milwaukee Estuary AOC

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