• Carol T.

    Wow, this photo somewhat validates how badly I’ve felt the cold this past week. Perhaps I am not such a wimp after all?!

  • http://GreatLakesEcho.org David Poulson

    Gee Paul, was it the headline that offended you? Around here we respect the Upper Peninsula. A lot. One of our current reporters is a Michigan Tech. graduate.
    Many current and former Echo reporters recreate there. A lot.
    It’s not like Echo ignores the U.P.: http://greatlakesecho.org/?s=upper+peninsula&x=0&y=0

  • Paul

    Well, at least they included the U.P. on this U.of W. photo. We get some respect from WI, unlike from you trolls down under da bridge.

  • Roger

    WE’ve sure been feeling like this looks!
    Roger on Lake Huron…Rogers City, Michigan

  • Harold

    Wow–so much snow and cloud cover that I can’t even see my house! :)