Favorite Echo headlines of 2012

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Here at Echo we often write headlines designed for Search Engine Optimization – SEO – a sort of soulless phrase that pulls much of the fun out of writing headlines.

The idea is to attract the attention of Google searches rather than entertain or engage actual people.

Taken to extreme, perhaps every one of our headlines should contain the phrase “Great Lakes.”

Many do.

But that’s a bit tedious. And the writers in us can’t resist the occasional word play. Here are some of my 2012 favorites organized in completely arbitrary categories.


Sex, water and rock and roll: Sturgeon spawn while singing on the rocks

Photo Friday: Super mooning the Great Lakes

Invasive critters

Queen of England to take bite out of Great Lakes lamprey headache

Stop invasive species: Wash your dog

How are Anglo-Nubian goats like Asian carp?

It’s 11:55 p.m.; Do you know where your Asian carp are?

Other critters

Are dead deer cash cows?

State bird capital is dead duck

Poll Results: There are no ugly fish in the Great Lakes

Coyotes, lamprey and bears, oh my!


Drought’s silver lining? Better wine, less trashy beaches


Did your mood drop with the leaves?


Hurricane worries Great Lakes captains, excites surfers

Drought’s a Grinch — years from now


Climate change: Forest warming forces warming


What’s SUP? Michigan state parks lure diverse users with Rec 101


Heftier passengers cut tour boat, ferry capacity


Researchers get help playing “whack-a-mole” with sea lamprey


Radishes could protect the Great Lakes from harmful algae blooms

Water quality

Keep the undead out of your drinking water

Creek Orthodox: Christian partnership restores West Michigan stream

Fiscal cliff could dump sewage into Great Lakes


Chicago River haunted by Asian carp and ghosts?

What is the strangest thing you have found attached to a buoy?


Lake Ontario glints at spacecam

Virtual beachcombing with electronic bug detector

Ballast blaster: Repelling invaders with sound


This gardening chore requires a hazmat suit


One man’s effort to teach alternative energy harnesses farts on Twitter


3 thoughts on “Favorite Echo headlines of 2012

  1. Thanks for having the courage to occasionally resist the robots.

    Gary Wilson
    (Echo contributor)

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