Lake Erie Islands inspire music through natural beauty

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An island chain in the waters of Lake Erie between Ohio, Michigan, and Ontario finds itself at the center of the latest in a series of water-inspired musical compositions from Ohio-based GC Creative Studio.

The Lake Erie Islands have been popular Great Lakes tourist destinations for many years, featuring restaurants, shopping, entertainment venues, vineyards, and a variety of other attractions. This summer, however, it was the archipelago’s natural beauty that drew musicians Greg Slawson and his wife Candice Lee, co-founders of GC Creative Studio.

“We believe that the Lake Erie Islands are among this region’s greatest natural treasures,” said Slawson. “There is a lot of media that features the restaurants, shopping, and entertainment on the islands, but not as much about the nature. That’s why we made this particular film.”

“The music is relaxed, but indicative of a summer mood, which is why we chose the jazz genre,” Slawson added. “I am a trained classical and jazz musician, so the style feels natural for composition.”

The couple travels throughout North America to film beautiful environments and compose music, compiling them into multimedia compositions.

“Our music and multimedia is created to inspire people to get outside and connect with the natural world,” Slawson said. “When people connect with a place they tend to value the environment. When people value an environment, they are motivated to preserve it.”

Additional work by Slawson and Lee can be found at GC Creative Studio’s website.

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