3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Pair of sandhill cranes

  1. We had a record number 7486 Cranes at the Haenhle Sanctuary in Jackson County located 15 minutes west of Chelsea, MI.
    What a great sight to see. They cranes fly in two hours before sunset and it was incredible. The sun was setting the sky was pinks and purples and as the cranes flew in over head, the light would would hit their feathers a warm yellow glow. Fantastic.
    The town of Chelsea has 40 recycled metal cranes sculptures to highlight the Sandhill Cranes. Stop by our beautiful historic Chelsea and check out our town and see the Sandhill Cranes. They will be here at sunset until the weather turns to cold and they migrate to Florida.

  2. At one time the only sandhill cranes we would see was in the U.P. near Seney and the wildlife refuge.

    About twenty years ago when going into Cassopolis, MI we seen about seven in a field.

    Now they stay around most all year if the winter is not too severe.

    About three ago my wife called to tell me about the sandhills in a field between Cassopolis and Dowagiac, MI.

    I made a rough count of nearly four hundred. Quite a sight to say the least.

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