Flash Point: Dennis O’Hara’s favorite, toughest Great Lakes shot

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We asked Great Lakes photographers to send us their favorite and toughest Great Lakes shot. Dennis O’Hara of Northern Images sent us this photo. The moon’s only in position for a few seconds a year, making the photo both his toughest and favorite.

Winter Moon – Split Rock Lighthouse
Dennis O’Hara, Northern Images Photography

Winters are long and wonderful in the Northland. While there are often snow and ice covered scenes along the shores of Lake Superior there is one unforgettable scene that occurs only once per year that absolutely takes your breath away.

The January Full Moon rises at a point were it is as far north on the horizon as it will rise for the year.  This sets the moon in place to rise behind Split Rock Lighthouse and, for a few minutes each year, majestically transform the lighthouse into a spectacular lunar back-lit image.

The once a year event is always a reference and reminder that deep winter will soon be over and another year is upon us.

-Dennis O’Hara


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