Monday Memes: Introducing Great Lakes memes

We’re usually up to our elbows in writing traditional Great Lakes news stories, so it’s nice to take a break.  Let’s take a moment to escape deep into the Internet – and bring the Great Lakes with us.

Introducing, Great Lakes Memes.

Confused Cougar














Lovesick Lamprey









Algae Party









Internet memes are ideas, lingo or pictures sent through the Internet. You’ve probably seen them passed around Facebook and Twitter.

Have ideas of your own? Upload any Great Lakes photo to this meme generator, add a caption, then send the link to

We’ll post them up right here on Echo.

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Carol graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in journalism and environmental studies. She reported for Great Lakes Echo from 2011 to 2012, and now works for the Peninsula Pulse in Door County, Wis. She was an intern at the Leelanau Enterprise and The Daily Green and contributed to EJ Magazine. Contact Carol through email at or Twitter @thompsoncarolk.