VIDEO: This talking goose loves a mowed lawn

Have you ever wondered why geese flock to a nice clean lawn? Sebastian the goose explains the attraction.

Sebastian loves short, tasty grass and feels safe when he can see predators from far away.

That’s why he loves mowed lawns and shorelines.

And this fowl admits to fouling a yard 28 times a day, generating almost 1.5 pounds of waste. If he brings some friends along he could create a huge mess.

Sebastian and Larry the All-American Bullfrog were created by Bret Shaw, Travis Balinas and Elizabeth Ryan from the Life Sciences Communication department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The videos are part of a marketing strategy to encourage property owners to landscape with natural shorelines.

If you don’t want your lawn taken over by Sebastian and his friends, keep a more natural shoreline with native plants and green buffers.

One thought on “VIDEO: This talking goose loves a mowed lawn

  1. A talking Canada Goose – must be first! Love the message. Maybe give him a more goose-like voice!

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