City Harvest site offers place to post Great Lakes urban agriculture projects

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I ran across a website recent that I thought that the many people involved in urban agriculture in the Great Lake states might be interesting in contributing to.

City Harvest is a site where people from across the world can collaborate on and document news, publications and projects related to urban agriculture. While the site was created in the UK, it welcomes submissions from across the world. A person who knows of an urban agriculture project can add a project and information to the site.

Some people in the United States have already caught on and there are projects in California, New York and Boston. Additionally, anyone can add publications that they believe to be important and pertinent to urban agriculture. The site presents a collection of publications for people to examine for more knowledge on the topic. Finally, participants can also contribute recent news about their urban agriculture project.

I didn’t see very many Great Lakes urban agriculture projects posted. However, I know many of them are out there. In fact, urban agriculture has been one of the biggest news topics in recent months for cities such as Detroit and Milwaukee. I am simply challenging those knowing of urban agriculture projects to start representing the Great Lakes region on the site! Check out some of the articles Great Lakes Echo has already written on urban agriculture in the area:

Bill would exempt Detroit from Right to Farm Act, allow stricter regulation of urban agriculture

The Greening of Flint: Kings of urban farming

The Greening of Flint: Mama E and the mayor

Students produce soundtrack for Kings of Flint documentary

Urban pioneers turn vacant lots verdant

The site seems like a great way to publicize projects and new information while also collaborating and learning from what others across the world are doing in this field.

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