VIDEO: Michigan State University students clean up Red Cedar River

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The Red Cedar River adds beauty to Michigan State University’s East Lansing campus. But the river can also become polluted with trash and other items as it runs runs through a campus of more than 47,000 students. The university’s Fisheries and Wildlife club recently hosted a day where volunteers cleaned up the river.

This video is produced by Michigan State University students Justin Smith and Aaron Miller.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Michigan State University students clean up Red Cedar River

  1. Well, I have to say this is a really nice activity, and i believed that there will be more volunteers to clean up the RCR if more students watch this video. And i really want to work on this to make a better environment.

  2. I think this is kind of activity that we all ought to do together. To make our campus better, to make ourselves better.

  3. A partnership between Landscape Services and the Institute of Water Research at MSU started “grow zones” along the banks to slow the filtration of storm water runoff.

    Video here

    Thanks for letting me share

    Andy Balaskovitz
    Environmental Science and Policy Program
    Michigan State University

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