What Chicagoans can do to conserve water

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What can you do?

Advocates recommend Chicagoans take these actions to help ensure the future of regional water:

  • Disconnect downspouts and install a rain barrel to use to capture water for watering your lawn or washing your car. Buy a $40 rain barrel at mwrd.org or to the Department of Environment Web site at cityofchicago.org for more information.
  • Go to Metersave.org and to set up a time for them to install a water meter in your home.
  • Don’t use automatic sprinklers. Turn sprinklers on only as needed and at night when water is better able to seep into the ground.
  • Report pried-open fire hydrants by calling  3-1-1 to have fire crews close them.
  • More conservation tips are at the Department of Water Management, the Center for Green Technology and the Department of Environment’s websites at cityofchicago.org.
  • Urge legislators to support the Green Reserve to help secure future funding for sustainable water infrastructure projects.

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