Carp bomb: Harvesting for carp cuisine

There’s been some buzz around the “If you can’t beat em, eat em” Asian carp control strategy. One Chicago alderman wants to use carp to feed the poor. Others argue that the Asian carp diet is no replacement for policy- and infrastructure-based eradication. Either way, carp bomb Flickr group member Joel has proof that the anglers of Manistee, Mich. are ready to provide the raw material to get the carp cuisine rolling.

Manistee carp cleaning station

Joking aside, Manistee is a hot spot for Great Lakes fishing, and the city’s charter captains are as worried as anyone (see last paragraph) about the carp’s destructive potential.

Joking not aside, here’s how to join in on the Asian carp photo bomb fun. And here’s Echo’s roundup of carp news links.

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