Carp bomb: We’re gonna need a bigger electric barrier

Some Great Lakes biologists speculate that the Asian carp might not thrive in some of the lakes because zebra mussels and other invasive species have already trashed the lakes’ lower food web. Maybe there aren’t enough of the microscopic plants and animals the carp need to keep them happy.

But as Flickr member outside perspectives reminds us, they’ll adapt. And this time, their prey is bipedal.

Carp as Jaws

Ready the pressurized air canisters! And ready your photo editing software and Flickr accounts!

4 thoughts on “Carp bomb: We’re gonna need a bigger electric barrier

  1. Hungary’s Lake Balaton is a fresh water lake about 1/5 the size of Lake Erie with a similar climate and water chemistry. The silver carp was introduced into Lake Balaton in 1972 and has since become a thriving, self-sustaining species — all without needing 100 kilometers of free flowing, undammed river water to reproduce and they seem to thrive on a diet that includes zebra mussel veligers.

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  3. My nephew used to work at Lake Lansing and his job was when boats came to shore, they would check for an invading organisim and if found it would be removed.This both lowered the number and possible procreation of them, plus aided in evaluating how bad the problem was! Maybe we could find a way to do something like this to help defeat these unwanted Asian Carp. Long live the Great Lakes!

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