Risks in Michigan’s urban environment


A blighted home in Grand Rapids. Photo: Andrew Blok.

Editor’s Note: This is the second part of a four-part series on Environmental Risk in Michigan: Past, Present and Future. Listen to part one.

By Andrew Blok

In 1992, experts named degradation of urban environments one of the greatest environmental risks facing Michigan.

Over a decade late, the Flint Water Crisis proved that true.

Here, we look at the threats to human health posed by abandoned structures and ways to avoid them in the future.

In this episode:

Rex LaMore

Courtesy: Rex LaMore

Rex LaMore is a researcher and professor at Michigan State University in the School of Planning, Design and Construction. He is pursuing solutions to the problems posed by the end of buildings’ lives in the field of domicology.


Detroit demolitions

Explore data related to all of Detroit’s demolitions since 2014.

Michigan’s Environment and Relative Risk

Read the report and the white papers here.

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