On the twenty-fourth day of Fishmas…

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Great Lakes researcher Katie O’Reilly (@DrKatFish on Twitter), is featuring a fish every day in December. Image: Katie O’Reilly

Great Lakes researcher Katie O’Reilly created a new holiday celebrated on Twitter with the hashtag “#25DaysofFishmas.” It’s a hat’s off to Great Lakes fish — a group of animals that O’Reilly said are often out of sight and out of mind.

Today’s fish? The blue walleye.

Read O’Reilly’s thread on Twitter to learn all about today’s fish. Follow along with the #25DaysofFishmas.

One thought on “On the twenty-fourth day of Fishmas…

  1. Do you mean blue pike? they went extinct about 1970. some thought from pollution. i say from losing their spawning window from extended ice coverage as a,result of Ice boom.

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