Homegrown and served without a moan

Cultivate Michigan promotes the use of local produce into meal plans at large institutions such as schools and hospitals.

Here’s how to cook those coveted morels

It’s morel season in Michigan. The hard to cultivate, but delicious fungi is highly sought after by chefs. While many saute the mushroom in butter, there are plenty of other ways to cook the woodland delicacy.

Michigan food hubs seek to make local food more accessible

The locavore movement has taken off in the last five years at least. This notion that consuming food that is raised and grown close to where we live was even given a memorable send-up in the hit IFC comedy “Portlandia.” But parody is not the only thing the locavore movement has spawned. Over the last five years, food hubs have become an increasingly popular way to scale the local food movement affordably and efficiently.