Podcast: When A Single Clone Caused An Invasion

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By Jonathan Yales

Great Lakes Echo and the Northern Research Station of the USDA Forest Service are collaborating to share the first season of their podcast, Forestcast.

With no parasitic wasps — like we have for emerald ash borer — and no miracle fungal pathogen — as with gypsy moth — our control options for the nonnative insect threatening Eastern hemlock forests, the hemlock woolly adelgid, have been tricky.

Hemlock forests, and the hemlocks in your yard, are paying the price.

Listen to, Episode 4: When A Single Clone Caused An Invasion, below:

The full six-episode season of Forestcast is published now. Listen and subscribe below.

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Jonathan Yales works with the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station via a research joint venture agreement with Michigan State University’s Department of Entomology.

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