The Green Room: Pipelines – Part One

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Nexus natural gas pipeline construction in Ypsilanti-July 2018. Image: Barbara Lucas

By David Fair and Barbara Lucas

This story originally appeared on WEMU’s The Green Room and is republished here with permission.

Why do some people feel oil and gas pipelines are a good and necessary part of our lives, while others fight against them?  To tackle this question, first we need to understand the basics:  We all know what a pipeline is.  But what they carry, where they are, and why there are so many, are questions most of us aren’t so sure about.  In this first part of a series on energy pipelines, Barbara Lucas gives us a bit of “Pipelines 101,” in “The Green Room.”

One thought on “The Green Room: Pipelines – Part One

  1. This is an outstanding intro to the “pipeline world” and I applaud the participants who enabled the creation and publishing of it.

    As a staunch advocate of hydrocarbon extraction and consumption, I have been dismayed not by the many contrary views espoused online, but rather the gross ignorance combined with purposeful deception many ideologues seem to promote.

    Should the authors continue to present a balanced, comprehensive narrative of what is going on as a result of this stunning Shale Revolution, I believe the wider public will come to recognize and embrace the vast benefits for their families that development will bring.

    Again, good reporting.

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